Sunday, January 23, 2011

alligator tears.

"Sensitive, it's true, alligator tears cried over you." -Tegan & Sara ♫

Dior Homme

I seem to have lost myself a little focusing on some of the more so called " I M P O R T A N T " things in life. But yet, I seem to always find my way back to my true love, my true passion, my only friend that will listen and never speak. My only friend who will never have a judgmental attitude and always does what I say. A friend that is always ready to go when I am ready to go. His name is Fashion.

He's filled with so much emotion . desperate thoughts . cries of the fear of failure his my future . the intolerable agony of the dreams that he may not see . but the collection of love that he will share .

Deeno may have been gone for 0345.63 seconds, but still, his reign and legacy will never leave. The much anticipated return of Deeno Renard. Welcome to my house, THE HOUSE of Manikins.

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